About Us

Broadview Housing Co-operative is a 111-unit non-profit housing provider located in the East York area of the City of Toronto, dedicated to providing affordable housing to a wide range of people: singles and families, from various economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We boast a community as diverse as Toronto itself: people from all walks of life converging in one mixed-income, multi-cultural community.

We are located in the heart of central Toronto, just minutes from both the Don Valley Parkway and the Bloor-Danforth Subway line, and 15 minutes from downtown. Close by there are numerous shops, restaurants, parks, services and more, including the famous Danforth strip and Greektown. There are four grocery stores within 5 minutes of the co-op, including a 24-hour store directly across the street.

Centrally located with outstanding views, clean, bright, and well maintained, Broadview Housing Co-op can offer you or your family a great living environment.

Our History

Broadview Housing Co-operative was founded in 1994 by the tenants of 1050 Broadview Avenue, who had grown tired of a series of irresponsible and absentee landlords who had neglected the building. It was then that a group of tenants banded together, and with the help of the Tenants Non-Profit Redevelopment Corporation, an organization that helped develop housing co-operatives, Broadview Housing Co-op was born. The first board and members meetings began taking place in the summer of 1995.

In 1996, a massive renovation began that took 18 months, and saw virtually the entire building renovated completely, including a new parking garage, laundry room, common room, elevators and lobby. Every suite received new windows, a new kitchen, new bathroom and balcony. Most people who look at the building think that it’s a new building, not realizing that the original structure was built in 1968.

More than 25 years later, we are a strong, vibrant and diverse community that is always looking for good people to help make it even stronger.

Our Values

Broadview Housing Co-operative was built on the same values as the co-op movement:

  • Democratic control
  • Economic participation
  • Open membership
  • Celebrate cultural diversity
  • Educate as well as provide housing

We encourage all of our members to fully participate in the democratic process, including coming to members’ meetings, sitting on committees, volunteering during events and activities, and sitting on our Board of Directors.

Our 7-person Board is made up entirely of members of the co-op, each of whom lives in the building, and therefore has a large say in how the co-op operates, in effect, helping control their own home. We are, essentially, our own landlords.