Living in a co-op means being involved in running the building.  Everyone should be working together to make their home the best it can be.  It’s important to get out there and participate!

Why join a committee?

  • Be involved in your community
  • Get experience for your résumé
  • Have a say in how your building is run
  • Meet your neighbours
  • Have fun

A co-op can only be as successful as its volunteers, so do your part!

Our Committees


Review Co-op’s By-Laws and policies, recommend changes, and educate the membership.

Community Outreach

Keep members in touch with local neighbourhood issues and get involved in the community


Identify emergency threats and risks to the Co-op, develop emergency response plans according, and educate the membership


Oversees the Co-op’s budgets and spending, review monthly income and expense reports, and present financial information to the members


Planning and maintaining plants and garden area


Attracting and interviewing prospective members, and welcoming new members


Manages employee recruitment, contracts, and supervision. Also handles member complains about Staff


Manages and maintains Co-op property, review major service contracts, and recommend maintenance priorities

If you are interested in joining one of these committees, please contact the office, or the Board of Directors directly.