Available Suites

Broadview Housing Co-op has an assortment of one- and two-bedroom suites that can become available from time-to-time. Suites can range in size from 610 sq. ft. for a one-bedroom to 960 sq. ft. for a two-bedroom.

All suites come freshly painted and with the floors in above average-to-new condition, with kitchen appliances (refrigerator and stove) that are in excellent or new condition. All suites are returned to as excellent a state as possible before a new member moves in.

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Included in Housing Charges

Housing charges include electricity, water and heat. Cable television, although available in the building, is not included.

Note: Housing co-operatives do not use the term “rent”, but rather “housing charges”. This is because the people occupying the suite are not tenants, but members.

Cable Television

Rogers Cable is available in all suites, but service is not included in housing charges and service must be contracted by the member separately. Satellite television is permissible in the building, provided that the installation of the dish is approved by co-op staff. Suites facing east cannot receive satellite service.

Closet Space

All suites are equipped with at least one hallway closet and one closet per bedroom. Some suites also come with a linen closet.


All suites, with the exception of first-floor suites and Suite 204, 206 and 208, come with a balcony.

Sample Member’s Suite

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